Playlist: Party With French Girls

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In my opinion, if you are reluctant to listen to different types of music you are doing yourself a great injustice. Some refuse entire genres, chalking it up as “not their type.” I have never been capable of staying so decisive that I have a certain “type” when it comes to music, but to each their own I suppose.

Lately, my good friends who happen to be a group of 3 exchange students here from Dauphine University (located in Paris, France) have opened up a whole new world of music for me. While I can only understand maybe two words per song, French rap music now has a permanent place in my library.

It started when I first took them to the outlet malls in Oklahoma City. A car full of 4 young women from different sides of the globe is sure to contain some interesting stories. After ~apparently~ deeming me a bad driver, Sarah declares power over the aux cord and decides she wants to show me the music they play at parties in Paris.

Sounds dreamy, right? A night in the illuminated city, a party full of stunning men and women, a classy sight… except that is not exactly the case. Instead, Sarah consults Clara and Maureen in the backseat over what to play and next thing I know the French version of Travis Scott is blasting through my speakers. Sure enough, the French party just like us.

After a few days of having Réseaux by Niska stuck in my head, I decided to make a playlist of all the songs they have played for me and attach it here. I’ll update it pretty often now that exchanging music has become an important part of all of our adventures! Whether you speak French or not, don’t hesitate to give it a chance.

Disclaimer – Currently, I am only in my second semester of French. For the most part, I do not know what these songs are saying. If any contain vulgarities that you are capable of understanding and find distasteful, I do apologize

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